My interest in taxes started in 2003, my Aunt Geraldine was the Tax Preparer for our family. It intrigued me that she could fill out the 1040 paper form by hand, only using a notepad and calculator, she knew those formulas like the back of her hand. This made me want to learn more, so I signed up to do tax training. I found out there was a way you could electronically file your taxes using tax software. My Aunt had not used it before so I was excited to figure out how. At this time, I had my Associates in Computer Programming, so I thought I could do anything dealing with the computer. I ended up getting a free tax software disk and started to learn what I could. I never attended training class.

I started off teaching myself, then started teaching others how to electronically file their taxes. After a couple years, I started doing family and friends taxes to help out on costs. In 2015, I finally started to take Taxes more serious by educating myself and completing requirements of the IRS.


Yearly, I complete continuing education courses and complete the Annual Filing Season Program, so I am prepared to assist my clients to the best of my ability. I educate myself all year round, attending training and learning all I can about Taxes. That’s what sets me apart from other Tax Preparers. I am educated, knowledgeable, helpful and have years of experience in this field.

On top of being a Tax Preparer, in 2020 I earned my Master’s in Information Technology Management and became a Notary Public. This has allowed me to help assist my clients in other areas such as starting businesses, completing business documents and assisting with document preparation. As of 2022, I received my Life & Health Insurance License and soon will be providing life insurance to my clients.

As well as those different roles, I am a Mother, Wife, and Mamatasha to many!


My mission is to continue to educate myself and use the education to help others. This will be done by teaching what I know or using my knowledge to assist people. Rather it is taxes, business information, life insurance, or paperwork, I am committed to helping others. I will also use the knowledge to help expand the services that are needed in our community.

Estate Planning is the goal to help financially free families and plan out what the future looks like for them.