We provide notary services to legalize documents. A notary public acts as an impartial third party witness to the signature of a document by all parties and make sure its done willingly and under free will. The following documents may need notarized.


We Come to You!

> We provide service throughout St. Louis -City & County, St. Charles and surrounding areas.

> At your home, office, hospital etc.

 Who's Signing?

> All signing parties MUST have a current State ID, Drivers License, and/or Passport.

> All signing parties MUST be able to communicate clear in English. Must be able to understand.

>Witnesses must be present and provide current identification.

Do you need a witness?

>Witnesses can NOT be related to the person document or mentioned in document.

>Best witnesses are friends or neighbors, someone completely detached from the situation.


Notarized Signatures

> $5.00 per Notarized Signature, Witness Signature, PLUS Travel Fees. Other Fees may apply

Notary Travel Fees

> $25.00 Travel Fee*

> Notary travels to your location. Basic fee for travel in St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles. *Due even if notarization can not take place due to customer

After 6pm/Weekend /Federal Holiday Fees

> $15 Additional Fee

>Fees added to appointments after 6pm and all weekend and Federal Holiday appointments

Printing Fees $5.00 - First 1-3 pages, each additional page = $1.00 per page.